“Pull up a chair, and take a taste. Come join us in our feast. Life, much like our food is endlessly delicious.”

Good, nutritious, and tasty food is part of the Shilhaandara experience. Our open dining room is a marvel for the eyes, with big granite pillars and thick foliage providing an inviting setting and the perfect foil for our freshly prepared meals. We also have a dining room separately available for our guests within the cottage compound, making it easier for you to savour the food in a more private area.
We offer a buffet style dining option for our guests, consisting of a rotating menu complete with wonderful entrées, hearty soups, garden- fresh salads, delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare and tasty treats which make your dining a complete experience.

Our dining service includes:
• Three well-balanced and nutritious meals prepared fresh daily (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)
• Accommodation for special diets and tastes
• Choice of buffet or full service meals for lunch and dinner
• 24-hour availability of snacks, coffee, tea, and fruit
• A room service menu for those times when you prefer to stay in and have your food in the comfort of your rooms

Shilhanadara Theme Resort