About Shilhaandara

Shilhaandara represents the great outdoors, where time moves at its own pace and rugged natural granite rock formations of captivating beauty line the landscape as far as eyes can see. Opulence, architecture, and an unending access to the environment confluence together here for wary travellers and adventure-seekers who are looking to get away from a monotone life. Shilhaandara welcomes thrill-seekers and families with open arms, offering a quiet retreat for couples and an energetic getaway for thrill-seekers.

Shilhaandara is for the true-seeker in you, because you only truly understand yourself when you experience a life of high-adventure.


Our properties have always drawn inspiration from nature and the heritage of ancient kingdoms which ruled the lands of Southern India. Shilhaandara stands for “rocky cavern”, something which is evident as soon as you step into the property and are transported to a place forgotten by history, but remembered in the hushed folktales of the local people. As a heritage adventure resort, Shilhaandara stands apart in its magnificence and in its pursuit to find the true essence of adventure.

Shilhanadara Theme Resort