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The media library was improved, CD burning and ripping was introduced, and other additions. The original Nullsoft team quit in As of version 5. From version 5. New features to the player included album art support, improved localization support with several officially localized Winamp releases, including German, Polish, Russian, and French , and a new default interface skin called “Bento” which unlike the previous skins is a unified player and media library in one window as opposed to a multi-window interface.

Hungarian and Indonesian installer translations and language packs were added. With the release of Winamp version 5. Five days later, version 5. There was a Winamp 5. The beta program was cancelled months before the announcement to shut down the Winamp project.

No financial details were publicly announced. Radionomy relaunched the Winamp website and it was available for download again. Despite the website claiming that Winamp will be returning soon, as of [update] no new stable version had been developed since version 5.

In December , Vivendi bought a majority stake in Radionomy. It was reported that Winamp 5. There are many improvements and changes of the leaked build, including full compatibility with Windows 10, 11 and Windows 8. This version also replaced functions originally locked behind Winamp Pro with free alternatives. Following the leak, Radionomy decided to officially release a revised Winamp 5.

The newer update of Winamp 5. On 6th December , Winamp released the 5. As of August , there has been no release or further details about what this new version of Winamp will look like, including which services Winamp would support or how the new version of the app would integrate with newer music platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. Winamp for Android is a mobile version for the Android version 2.

It was reported by TechCrunch that a redesigned Android app was planned alongside the announcement of the development of Winamp 6. In October , Winamp Sync for Mac was introduced as a beta release. Nonetheless, a full Winamp Library and player features are included.

The developer’s blog stated that the Winamp Sync for Mac Beta would pave the way for future Winamp-related development on Mac [97] and a fully featured media player as Winamp on Windows. An early alpha preview of Winamp3 for desktop Linux was developed in October , [99] but the project was not pursued.

Nonetheless some versions of Winamp for Windows are functional using Wine. The software was soon abandoned by Nullsoft to focus on the Windows version Winamp. Winamp has historically included a number of Easter eggs : hidden features that are accessible via undocumented operations. One example is an image of Justin Frankel , one of Winamp’s original authors, hidden in Winamp’s About dialog box.

Unagi is the codename for the media playback engine derived from Winamp core technologies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Media player for Microsoft Windows. This article needs to be updated. The reason given is: Winamp has changed direction and is now focused on selling non-fungible tokens to support charities that in turn support musicians, according to their website and via a Twitter announcement.

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Fixed in 5. You can select which pack s to install before installation. Note that some of the packs are up-to-date, whereas others are not Winamp Language Packs v1. Playlist Twitter Albums. Last edited by Pawel; 3rd September at I’m sure myself and others will report back our experiences.

Many thanks to the Winamp team. Avatar art by Zohaib Khan. With the transition of the codebase to more modern standards, can we expect Bit builds in the future? Originally Posted by DJ Egg. Compressed modules no! Also some freezes, the loading of more than one instance even with this option disabled, the icon packs that don’t work anymore and I think just for now. Has this happened to anyone else? Originally Posted by M. Originally Posted by apsoul.

Originally Posted by kadavrul. For this reason I’m forced to use 5. Great work on this update guys. I’ve been using Winamp non-stop since Shame about JTFE, hope you can implement some alternative in the future. Happy to have you folks back to work! Please test this with a computer that has a high resolution screen.

I have a Dell XPS13 for example. It looks like that: Keep up the good work. Attached Thumbnails. Are song titles and artist displayed when CD played from disc drive? Bitdefender detected one of your setup files as a virus. I went back because there isn’t Shoutcast DSP plugin included. Temporary solution. Indeed there is a problem with plugins using vc90crt. I think that everything can be taken from Winamp 5. Of course this is a regression, but as a temporary solution works, until the release of Winamp 5.

Originally Posted by gulbis Originally Posted by devil Please refer to the first post. There’s a download link for Shoutcast DSP v2. Originally Posted by manxorist. Yeah, uhm, what is this libopenmpt 0. While I am glad to see libopenmpt being used for module playback, libopenmpt 0. Can you please switch to a stable release version the latest one currently is 0.

Also, what’s the point of mentioning PortAudio? Edit manifest in winamp. Very interesting, zumer. Trying it now. Watch this space Looks like VS removed it Just downloaded and installed. Tried to right-click on a song in my library to queue it, and Winamp crashed. I’m excited for the update, but for the moment, I’ll roll back to the old version and keep an eye out for 5.

Good luck finding the bugs! What about using Discogs as well as Musicbrainz? Originally Posted by onestar. I cannot believe the news, this is fantastic!

I’ll get some testing done on Windows 7 and 10! Hi DJ Egg, thanks for looking into the libopenmpt version. Where exactly in the project is the full version string specified?



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Nullsoft relaunched the Winamp-specific winamp. Always available from trusted servers.


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