Terms & Conditions


We strive to make your stay as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. Please note, no exclusivity is assured as there may be other guests availing the same facility at the same time. We request you to follow the rules and regulations and enjoy your stay with us. If you have any questions or concerns or feel that something is not right, please feel free to contact the duty manager.

  1. Registration: All registered guests should produce a valid government ID mandatory during check-in. The guest making the reservation and staying should be above 18 years of age.
  1. Facilities: All facilities are to be used only between check-in and check-out timings as per reservations.
  1. Occupancy: Occupancy is restricted to the registered guests only. Guests’ drivers are allowed only till the staff cafeteria/ drivers’ accommodation.
  1. Children:All children are to be accompanied and supervised by an adult, at all times, during the stay. RETL shall not be responsible for any damages, loss of life or injuries, resulting from negligent behavior at all areas in the property. Children aged 12 years and above will be charged at adult rates. A valid age proof is mandatory to kids below 12 years.( Applicable for day out only)
  1. Lockers: Lockers are provided on request at Rs. 200/- per locker [in that, Rs. 100/- chargeable and Rs. 100/- refundable]. We request you to use the lockers to store your valuables. RETL shall not be liable or responsible for any loss of valuables.( wherever applicable)
  1. Trash:We constantly endeavor to protect our environment neat and clean. Please do not use plastic or litter, do your bit by always dispose all trash into the designated trash bins. Smoking is allowed in the designated areas only.
  2. For Guhantara, Shilhaandara&Jhari Eco Stay:

    Applicable in case of 100% event cancellation:

    • Within 8 days – 10 %
    • Before 24 hours – 20 %
    • Within 24 hours – 30 %

    For Siri Nature Roost :

    • Confirmed booking dates/days may be altered, cancelled or cut short only if intimation in writing reaches the resort 30 days prior to check in date, 100 % refund of the package value.
    • 50 % refund will be issued if the cancellation is effected between 16-29 days prior to check in date.
    • No refund/ postponement if the cancellation is effected within 15 days prior to check in date.

    For River Roost :

    Applicable in case of 100% event cancellation:

    • Within 15 days – 10%
    • Within 7 days – 25%
    • Before 72 hours – Full amount

A few things to be kept in mind for the best experience:

  1. Loud music:Due to the open design, sounds are carried away very easily. Hence, refrain from loud conversations and playing loud music, be mindful of the other guests.Our Dance floor operates between 2:45 pm and 3:45 pm and 7 pm and 8 pm. ( wherever applicable)
  1. Outside food: Consumption of outside food and beverages are not allowed into the restaurant, swimmingpool and club areas.
  1. Guest conduct: We reserve the right to evict any guest or group of guests indulging in clashes, misbehavior, or engaging in fights or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs or generally disrupting the peace inside the property.
  1. Broken, missing or damaged items: Any broken, missing or damaged items belonging to the room guest, restaurant, club which is broken or damaged by the guest or theoccupants of the room during their stay will be charged to their personal account and should be settled in full upon check-out. The amount to be charged is based on the actual cost of such items or the quote, received for replacement or repair.
  1. Liability: The management assumes no responsibility for any loss of property arising from theft, fire, flood, wind, or any act of god that may occur within the property.
  1. Swimming Pool:Wearing of a nylon swimming costume in the swimming pool is mandatory for all guests. Other dresses like Chudidhars, Jeans, Cotton tops/pants, Kurtasetc are not allowed. Swimming cap is compulsory for guests with long hair. Be aware of depth before entering the pool. Showering before using the pool is mandatory. Children below 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Use of an infant life vest is encouraged. Pets, attendants, drivers, servants or associates are not permitted in swimming pool premises.Please do not use the pool immediately after eating or drinking. Don’t bring any food items, drinks, tobacco and chewing gum into the pool. Glass objects are not permitted in the pool area. No diving, running or pushing in pool area. No smoking in pool area. Guests under the influence of alcohol/ drugs not allowed to use the pool. Persons suffering from skin ailments/ health issues should refrain from using the pool. Management will not be responsible for any injuries while using the resort facilities. Management is not responsible for loss of any valuables or other personal belongings left in pool premises. Pool reserved only for Rashi Eco Tourism Ltd guests only.

(Applicable for both private or public pool usage facility)

  1. Dangerous goods: Storing of prohibited, inflammable or hazardous goods in the room or anywhere in the property by the guests is strictly prohibited.
  1. CCTV:For security purposes,all outdoor areas within the property are monitored and recorded by CCTV cameras.
  1. Illegal activity: RETL will not permit any illegal activity within the premises. The management will immediately notify the jurisdictional police of any such activity noticed by the staff and the management will endeavor to assist the law enforcing agency to provide all information regarding the performance of such illegal acts or activity within the premises.
  1. Adventure activities: A declaration form is to be signed by every guest at the adventure registration counter, prior to taking part in any adventure activity.You will be engaging in such activities at your own risk. RETL will not be liable as for any resultant injury or death while engaging in such activities even though all adventure activities are monitored and supervised by professionally trained staff. Please note that guests with psychological or physical or medical conditions and/or under the influence of alcohol should not take part any adventure activities.
  1. Consent to use:DSLR cameras usage only on permission with applicable charges.
  1. Due care:Resorts are designed with modifications to the natural terrain and landscape resulting in uneven areas within the property. We advise you to be cautious while threading or walking on uneven areas.
  1. Food allergies: If you are allergic to any kind of food or drink, please inform the captain or waiter well in advance.Please check with our managers before consumption, if doubtful.
  1. Bar: Usage of liquor at bar area only. Liquor is served to patrons above the age of 21 only. If any doubt arises about the age, Guest may be asked to provide an ID for proof of age as per the provisions of the Karnataka Excise Rules. We request you to drink responsibly, do not drink and drive. Guest(s) acting irresponsibly whendrunk within the property may be asked to leave the property, immediately. (Wherever applicable)


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