Rocky Ravines and Megaliths of Ramanagara

A Heritage adventure
by Rashi Eco-tourism

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Guhantara Jhari Siri
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Naavu, Silhaandara

Shilhaandara draws inspiration from the heritage of the ancient empires that ruled the land. It finds unity with the lithos standing elegantly parched from centuries. Literally translating to a ‘rocky cavern’, the concept of Shilhaandara is in line with the truest crave for adventure. Join us, to find one of the finest heritage adventure Resort.

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The genesis of Shilhandara took the same course as all the other themed properties of Rashi Eco Tourism have. Most of the brewing happened a million years ago, since the days of magma, to the centuries of weathering to create the perfect crevices and boulders. The wind, the rains and the climate have architectured the terrain.

And then was the moving era of the empires, with the stone art and their idiom-like sculptures. From the times of the Hoysalas, the Vijayanagaras, the Chola and the Chalukyas, we seek to forge a day’s experience. Knowing well to meld the adrenaline surge and the reverential ambience we stand to bring out the unique theme.

Our property houses an elegant 800 foot monolith, housing most of the adventure sports and some of the most serene sunset landscapes. Our list begins with one of the countries longest ziplines and moves on to include paintball, ATVs and a blazing list of activities. The very little we have done to alter the natural scape is planting over 15000 trees. Cooling the soil down, it has called back many a birds, those native and new to Ramanagara. The Candid outdoor pool infront of ancient looking bath mantaps, is hoped to rob you off of your stress.

Having the best staff --front line, certified and well trained for, adventure and hospitality, we seek to host you and your group a bash! We love to customize and hear your ideas of celebration for all your special occasions.

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Staying at the valley, opens a portal to a completely new atmosphere. This silent cradle allows ‘glamping’ and ‘heritage suite’ stays. We encourage you to stay out in the night and take a walk for as long as your soul pleases, by the pool, by the mantapas and count the stars, unless ofcourse obstructed by the moon!

Allow the frolic from your group to blend with the breeze.

Forum Romanum

Girls Day out

Fiat 500

First Rope Walk together

Me and my girl in Florance

Office outing May 2017

Venetian Gondolas

My first zip line


Fun time with friends

Swimming pool

Fun weekend at Shilhaandara

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We are proud of our heritage

The history of the state of Karnataka dates back to nearly more than two millennia. The history, culture and the development of Karnataka have been contributed majorly by empires and dynasties. Along with the empires that ruled within Karnataka, there were dynasties of the state those had presence even in different parts of the country. Many kingdoms like the Sena Dynasty of Bengal, the Karnatas of Mithila, the Chindaka Nagas of central India, the ‘Karnataka dynasty’ of Nepal, Gangas of Kalinga, Rashtrakutas of Manyakheta, Chalukyas of Vengi, Yadava Dynasty of Devagiri were all of Kannada origin.

Architecture of Karnataka, that of ancient temples, forts and palaces is distinct from that of styles of Northern India -which mostly fall in the medival period. To view Karnataka’s archeological marvels, one must not miss a chance to visit Hampi, Halebid, Gulbarga, Badami, Bidar, Bijapur, and Bangalore. South Indian classical form of Music, Karnataka Music evolved in these temples with the patronage of native kings.

Karnataka celebrates many festivals associated with antiquity and to accomodate many modern faiths. Though Kannadiagas have Karnataka as their place, the state is also is home for Tuluvas, Kodavas and Konkanis. Karnataka has enriched tribes like the Soligas, Yeravas, Todas and Siddhis and also accommodates Tibetan Buddhists.

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